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folding powertrac is great for traveling events or gyms with floor space they need to reclaim each day.
The power incline is used to help in the development of back handsprings
Trampmaster can create standard and custom spotting pads for your powertrac or any other aplication you man have.
the powertrac detachable training bar is a great training tool for bars
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A special feature of the PowerTrac is the diagonally placed spring at the four corners of the unit. This provides the safety and convenience of being able to dismount from the very end of the bed and still have a firm footing and good rebound.

The entire bed is double-sprung. There are about six springs per foot. Heavy 1/4” zig zag wire is continuously welded to the inside of the top round tubular railing for spring hook-ups. This provides twice the strength and durability of conventional beds and reduces gaps and ripples on the tumbling surface. Springs are of the highest quality steel wire and plate finish with tapered ends.

The PowerTrac Power Incline is a great tool for any gym looking for more ways to train back handsprings, back flips, or bounding skills.

The Power Incline is easy to add to an existing frame and gives your coaches dozens of options for training new skills.

The Power Incline is constructed of strong durable steel, but considerably lighter than most other brands. The steel frame is finished with a high gloss black powder-coat paint. All floor contact points of the PowerTrac Power Incline are cushioned by tough rubber feet. Frame padding is 1.25” x 12” cross-linked foam wrapped in our best 18 oz. vinyl.

PowerTrac Pads and Accessories
PowerTrac Power Incline$799.00
PowerTrac Trac BarUB Rail Trainer$ 895.00
PowerTrac End Block 2' x 2' x7'$ 695.00
PowerTrac Pit Mat 24" x 7.5 x 12$ 2,299.00
PowerTrac Pit Mat 24" x 8 x 12$ 2,599.00
PowerTrac Pit Mat 24" x 7.5 x 16$ 3,195.00
PowerTrac Pit Mat 24" x 8 x 16$ 3,595.00
Tumble Tramp Mat 18" x 7' x 14'$ 1,995.00
Tumble Tramp Mat 20" x 8' x 12'$ 2,195.00
PowerTrac Corner Pad$ 149.00
PowerTrac Side Pad$ 45.00
PowerTrac Long Tube$ 130.00
PowerTrac Short Tube$ 85.00
PowerTrac Leg Frame$ 480.00
PowerTrac 6" Springs$ 2.40
PowerTrac 9" Springs$ 2.4‍‍‍0 ‍‍‍