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  • Tramp Master’s First choice is QUALITY RECTANGULAR trampolines.
  • When jumping on a rectangular trampoline you get even bounce throughout the entire bed, because you are using the springs in the area where you are jumping. On a round trampoline you are using all the springs in unison so you are pulled into the center, which inhibits you from using the entire jumping surface.
  • The rectangular trampoline provides a straight, even rebound. The round trampoline pulls to the center which stiffens or “kills” the rebound.
  • Round trampolines can be mass produced inexpensively because a circle is inherently strong. Round frames don’t require the extra supports necessary for rectangular frames.. Be sure and check the gauge of the steel on  round trampolines. Less expensive ones can be as light as 18 gauge steel, causing them to bend and/or break easily.
  • The number of frame pieces is also very important, most round trampolines are 20 pieces. The more joints there are, the weaker the frame. Tramp Master sells round trampolines that feature an 8 piece frame with 13 gauge steel tubing.  Our rectangular frame is also 8 pieces and 11 and 12 gauge steel tubing.
  • Rectangular trampolines are used in most types of training and competition, because the quality of the bounce is superior to that of the round trampolines

                                                 WEIGHT LIMIT
Beware of trampolines that have weight limits of approximately 200 lbs. That indicates they are probably constructed of very light weight steel and small springs. The frames and springs on these trampolines may fail in a short period of time.

ASTM standards states that there should only be one jumper at a time on a trampoline, Tramp Master puts a 300 lbs weight limit on our units. We construct our trampolines out of top quality materials and they can handle more than 300 lbs but someone over 300 lbs usually doesn't jump on a trampoline. If you put higher weight limits jumpers feel it is okay to have several jumpers at once because they are not exceeding the weight limit.


  • Tramp Masters does not manufacture a net enclosure; we believe that they can cause jumpers to be more careless on the trampoline.
  • A trampoline, like a bicycle, skateboard, automobile, etc. requires the understanding and proper use of safety rules.
  • If you purchase a net enclosure, DO NOT compromise normal recommended trampoline safety rules, or use the trampoline in ways not intended.
  • If purchasing a net, make sure it is high quality like the trampoline. We do have two styles of nets available.
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