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COMPETITION Performance Series             All-American Uneven Bars

Item #5101-120


These revolutionary bars are designed to FIG dimensional specifications, while incorporating features for quick and easy adjustments. The pin lock, spring loaded adjusting tubes reduce pinch points when adjusting the uprights. The adjusting handle design allows you to make adjustments to the high bar without reaching over head or standing on a chair. Quick release machine screws allow for fast removal of the rail without removing the adjusting tubes. Bearings incorporated rail heads allow for ease of rail movement for longer rail life.

To order Spieth equipment from call: 1-800-553-1402


  • High Bar adjusts from 235cm (93”) to 265cm (104”)
  • Low Bar adjusts form 155cm (61”) to 185cm (73”)
  • Width between rails adjusts from 90cm (35 1/2”) to 210cm (82 3/4”)
  • Cables attach to uprights allows bar adjustment without altering cable length
  • Wood coated fibreglass rails “Carboflex” included
  • Optional 6-Anchor cable system (5103-000) allows low bar to be removed and used as a stand alone high bar

NOTE:  Anchors are sold separately


Competitive Programs Coaches who want to easily adjust the bars

To order Spieth equipment from call: 1-800-553-1402

To order Spieth equipment from call: 1-800-553-1402


Installation Instructions pdf